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The Day it all began.

Group "REGGAEON" Was founded in August 2008 in Rustavi. Georgia
So far, the Group has participated in various festivals and events
In 2008, the group organized a tour to different cities of Georgia (Tbilisi, Rustavi, Dmanisi, Bolnisi) The amount, part of the concert was donated to help the refugees from South Ossetia and Abkhazia
In 2008-2020 yy group regularly participated in the festival "Art-Geni" (Tbilisi. Georgia)In 2010, the World Music Festival Mestia-2010 (Mestia. Georgia)
The band has released 3 albums: Album "Amoanate" in 2009, Album "I'm Georgian" in 2011, Album "Tavisufali" in 2014, Album "Me Vici" in 2018. Album "Aguna" in 2020
Group "REGGAEON" - shot more official and several unofficial clip
The group has also participated in various television shows Georgia (TV Company: "Imedi", "Rustavi2")
May 25, 2011 in the Kiev Museum in Golden Gate-International Cultural Exchange Project in Ukraine Georgia: Two Heart, One Heart was held within the group "REGGAEON" (r.Rustavi) concert. May 26, the Independence Day celebration took part in the concert, which is in the Ukraine was organized by the Embassy. Group "REGGAEON" the speech was followed by a post-Ukrainian press and media
In 2013 and 2015, the band "REGGAEON" - took part in the Polish city of Plock in the reggae Festival "REGGAELAND", it should be noted that this festival was a group of reggae to the world of celebrities and featured performer Shagi, Damian Marley. In 2015, the group "REGGAEON" - was made in the opening of the festival
In 2018 International music festival LABA DABA, Ligatne, Latvia.

GROUP MEMBERS Lasha Nozadze (vocals)
Irakli Menagharishvili (Drum Programming)
Nicka Tseretely (Sound Designer)
Archil Tsimakuridze (guitar)
Aleksandre (Kaki) Japaridze (Drum)
Pavle (Pako) Kobaladze (Bass Guitar)

Zviad Kechakmadze (Manager)
Levan Kikvidze (Music Producer)